How long does it take to max out the Score?

The Score is calculated using the last 30-days of your data in your health tracking app. 

Therefore, it takes at least 30-days using the app for you to reach your full score.

The score is made up of data on four aspects of your lifestyle ...

  1. Exercise - accounts for up to 40 out of 110 (max Score)
  2. Sleep - up to 30 out of 110
  3. Hydration - up to 20 out of 110
  4. Nutrition - up to 20 out of 110

The highest possible score is 110, which is only possible if you are tracking and maxing out all four lifestyle factors listed above, every single day.

If you are tracking all 4 lifestyle factors, but only meeting the minimum lifestyle recommendations provided by the US CDC, your score will be in the 50's after 30-days of tracking.

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