How long does it take to max out the Score?

The Score is calculated using the last 30-days of your data in your health tracking app. 

Therefore, it takes at least 30-days using the app for you to reach your full score.

The score is made up of data on four aspects of your lifestyle ...

  1. Exercise - approx 36% of your total (up to 100)
  2. Sleep - approx 27% of your total (up to 100)
  3. Hydration - approx 18% of your total (up to 100)
  4. Nutrition - approx 18% of your total (up to 100)

The highest possible score is 100, which is only if you are very consistent about tracking your lifestyle in each of the above segments on a daily basis.

If you are tracking all 4 lifestyle factors, but only meeting the minimum lifestyle recommendations provided by the US CDC, your score will be in the 50's after 30-days of tracking.

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