What is this app for?

You may be using this app with your organization, gym or coach - and it may have different names based on the group you're with, but it was developed by the team at Nudge.

Nudge is an app for iOS and Android that connects you to everything you need to achieve healthy lifestyle change.

First, the app allows you to sync with any of the apps, wearables or connected devices you are already using. 

Our core value here is normalizing this data coming in from other sources to make it as useful as possible for you (and your coach if you're working with one).

Secondly, you can very simply manually log other health habits that can't be tracked passively by apps or wearables. 

This makes it easy to add the spin class your Fitbit can't track, the servings or water you consume throughout the day, and much more.

Thirdly, all of this information gets normalized by Nudge and presented back in the form of Score. 

The Score helps you understand how healthy you're living overall, and provides insight into areas you may want to improve.

And Finally, Nudge is also a platform that allows you to connect with a health practitioner or coach who can help you stay accountable and achieve your health goals.

Our platform is designed to empower both you, and your coach with the most valuable information and tools to help you achieve successful lifestyle change - and hopefully all of your wellness and fitness goals in the process!


If you're a coach, practitioner or business owner who wants to know more about using Nudge with clients and members, or launching your own version of our app for your business, please send us a quick note here!

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