Why is my client data not syncing?

From time to time it's possible that your client will experience temporary delays or gaps in data. This can be caused by one of a few different factors.

1. It could be a simple delay.

Nothing syncs in real-time. Data can sometimes take up to an hour to sync into our system from a connected app or device.

2. Their device may not be syncing to the parent app.

A connected device's data can only sync into our system after it has first synced with the parent app, like the Fitbit App or Google Fit app.

Have your client check the parent app first to confirm that their data has successfully synced from the device.

If data is NOT syncing to the parent app, we suggest having your client confirm that they have bluetooth activated on their smartphone (this is how most devices sync data to smartphone apps).

If data is syncing into the parent app successfully, but not getting into our system, have your client double check that syncing is correctly configured in their health tracking app.

In the app go to PROFILE, tap CONNECTED APPS, and ensure that syncing is enabled.

3. The parent app may not be synced to the parent system.

Some activity tracking apps that use the phone's hardware to track movement, such as the Fitbit Step Tracker. 

These apps may require users to open them in order to initiate syncing to the parent company's database before data can be pulled into our system. 

Make sure your clients open these apps from time to time so that data continues to flow into our system.

Tips for Troubleshooting if items 1 and 2 above are not resolved.

1. Have your client force-quit their health tracking app and re-open it.

2. Toggle off sync with the parent app (i.e. Fitbit or Google Fit) and reconnect the app to our system.

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