Why is my data doubled?

We try diligently to ensure you data is presented correctly IN THE APP, even if you are syncing data from multiple health tracking sources.

If you ever encounter a time where your data appears to be doubling and our app is NOT able to correctly prioritize the information, the likely reason is due to the same data being synced through 2 different sources.

Below illustrates a scenario where you data would be doubled...

You are a Jawbone UP user and you have your Jawbone UP account synced with Apple Health. You then sync both your Jawbone UP and Apple Health account's to Nudge. In this case you would technically be syncing your Jawbone data to Nudge twice and as such would have double data in Nudge.


To avoid encountering these type of issues, try to sync your apps directly to our app if possible. 

For example, instead of syncing our app with Apple Health and then Apple Health with Withings in order to get Withings data into our app - just sync our app directly to both Apple Health AND Withings in the CONNECTED APPS section.

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