Is there a mobile app for coaches?

The coaching platform is not currently available for mobile phones.

We currently have a mobile health tracking app (for clients) and a web-based coaching platform (for coaches). 

These are two separate accounts that share data when a client connects to a coach via promo code.

Once accounts are connected, any client data collected in the mobile health tracking app will be kicked into your coaching platform so you can monitor their progress and provide feedback based on trends.

Here is a list of devices/platforms we currently support for both the mobile health tracking app and the coaching platform:


1. iPhone

2. Android

3. iPad

4. Tablet


1. Computer (PC or Laptop)

2. iPad

3. Tablet

The coaching platform is not currently available as a mobile app and we do not recommend trying to use it on your mobile phone. Please stick to the options above for the best experience.

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