How does the Score work?

The Score is 30-day snapshot of how healthy someone is living based on the amount of healthy exercise, sleep, nutrition and hydration data tracked or synced into the mobile health tracking app.

The score falls between 0-100 and uses a color scheme of red, yellow and green to illustrate where you are doing well (green) and where you may need more help (red).

Each aspect of your lifestyle accounts for the following portion of the total Score ...

  • Exercise = 37 out of 100
  • Sleep = 27 out of 100
  • Nutrition = 18 out of 100
  • Hydration = 18 out of 100

Below is a key that allows you to better understand the color scheme associated with the Score ...

Activity (based on minutes of cardio)

Red: 0-15 minutes

Yellow: 15-30 minutes

Green: 30+ minutes

Sleep (based on hours of sleep)

Red: less than 6 hours of sleep or more than 10 hours

Yellow: 6-7 hours of sleep or 9-10 hours

Green: 7-9 hours 

Nutrition (based on servings of combined fruits and vegetables)

Red: less than 3 servings

Yellow: 3-5 servings

Green: 5+ servings 

Hydration (based on servings of water)

Red: less than 4 servings

Yellow: 4-6 servings

Green: 6+ servings 

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