What are my reporting options?

There are three types of reports you can export through your coach account: a Summary report, a Daily report, and a Messages report. To pull a report, go to the Reports section of your coach account and select ‘Generate Report.’

You’ll then be presented with the reporting options. Select Summary if you would like an aggregate report of all the data logged by the selected clients during the selected time frame.

Select Daily if you would like to see tabs with each data point broken out by day.

And select Messages for a breakdown of your correspondence with your clients during the selected time frame.

You can also generate automated monthly reports to be pulled on a specific day of each month. To generate an automated report, select the ‘Schedule’ tab in the Reports section.

Now you can select from the same parameters that were mentioned above, as well as choose which day of each month you would like these automated reports to be generated.

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