What happens when you submit a ticket?

New Ticket

When a new support ticket comes through, we are instantly notified via our team Slack channel, making it easy for any team member to check the queue and pick up any new requests.

We will respond to all new ticket requests within 24 hours of them coming through -- excluding weekends.

Once a new ticket has been picked up, if it is not immediately able to be resolved, we will respond via email to let you know that the ticket is now being worked on, and when you can expect to hear back from us regarding our progress on the request.

Bug / Issue

If your support request is a bug or issue with Nudge, the first thing we will try to do is to replicate what you’ve described to us.
Replicating an issue will typically take 1-3 hours depending on the issues complexity.

If we are unable to replicate the issue with the information provided, we will let you know and request any extra info that we require to replicate and resolve the issue.

Once we are able to replicate the issue consistently, we can begin to try and resolve it via a patch, update, or details on how to mitigate the issue moving forward.

If a patch is required by the developers to fix the issue, we will an ETA on when you can expect the issue to be resolved. Usually this will take between 2-5 days.


If your support request is a discrepancy between Nudge and another analytics system..

After reading through the details of the request, we will cross reference the data provided against our records to make sure there isn't a mistake in the data being compared. Ie the date ranges compared were not the same.

If there is no mistake
- We will request more details on the discrepancy and check to make sure the the discrepancy check list has already been gone through. This can be found here.
- Check the URLs in question to make sure they line up.
- Check for any other irregularities in the reporting or tracking.

This we find, solves 99% of the discrepancy issues.

If there is a mistake
- We will note the mistake and explain this in a response.
- We will work with you to resolve any issues causing the discrepancy.

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